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    5 OU Student Organizations That You (Maybe) Didn’t Know Existed

    Yeah, there’s a club for that. Sooners have a uniquely diverse set of options when it comes to student involvement. No matter what your shtick is, it’s easy to find a niche for it at the University of Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma Quidditch

    Who they are: Quidditch, you ask? The game featuring flying wizards on broomsticks and the Golden Snitch in the Harry Potter books and films is oh-so real here at OU. Just ask Oklahoma Quidditch, the University of Oklahoma’s official quidditch tournament team. And the game’s not unique to OU. In fact, the co-ed competitive intercollegiate sport is played by over 80 schools across the country.

    What they do: Members of Oklahoma Quidditch take real-life athleticism and discipline and combine it with the awesomeness that is the make-believe Harry Potter universe. The team competes in collegiate Quidditch tournaments against other university and college teams from across the states.

    Why join: While not everyone can get into their first choice of Hogwarts, Sooners have the opportunity to engage in the wizarding world’s favorite pastime, all while participating in a demanding sport.

    What’s more? Quidditch brings us Muggles together. As team president Zachary Little puts it: “We pride ourselves on striving for excellence in athleticism and performance as well as camaraderie.”

    How to join: Feel free to stop by a team practice at 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 1:30 p.m. Sundays at either the Walker Adams Mall or the field south of Cate. Visit and like the team’s Facebook page for more info.

    CAC Concert Series

    Who they are: As an executive branch of the Campus Activities Council, Concert Series is a group that packs a punch when it comes to bringing big-name bands and performers to OU’s campus.

    What they do: This student-led group organizes on-campus (and FREE) concerts, in conjunction with the Union Programming Board, for OU students. Each show is booked and planned entirely by the group’s members. Karmin, Iron & Wine and Sleighbells are just a few of the acts Concert Series is responsible for bringing to campus.

    Why join: Love attending concerts? Why not take it step further and rock your face off while getting to participate in the behind-the-scenes look at the production process.

    The Concert Series "offers students a unique opportunity in student involvement,” says Concert Series exec member Benji Burnett.

    Concert Series is just another example that volunteering on campus can actually rock.

    How to join: Apply online at Applications for the 2014-15 committee are due Sept. 10.

    Campus Cursive

    Who they are: OU’s Campus Cursive is part of the online site, which is a movement to inspire people to turn away from digital screens and pick up a pen. By encouraging the art of writing love letters, they hope to bring together a community.

    What they do: The writers come together to create positive and inspirational letters to leave around OU’s campus and the Norman community. The group also takes nominations for love letter bundles to be written to a specific person.

    Why join: Campus Cursive aims to bring together students, staff and faculty through the positivity, encouragement and love that can be delivered with the written word.

    Who doesn’t want to get in on that? Get in touch with your inner romantic and learn how easy it can be to brighten someone’s day.

    How to join: Email “subscribe” to to be added to the email list and like Cursive on Campus on Facebook to be in the know about meetings, events and letter drops.


    Who they are: The Redliners are the premiere student-led cotemporary A Cappella group on OU’s campus.

    What they do: These Sooner crooners perform originally arranged covers at two full concerts annually on campus and appear at gigs at various small Norman/OKC venues.

    Why join: Isn’t it Aca-obivous? If you’re musically inclined and passionate about performing, this group is worth looking into. These peeps cover it all. From Vampire Weekend to Sara Bareilles, the Redliners are hitting every sweet note with their contemporary arrangements.

    How to join: The Redliners hold auditions at the beginning of each semester. Keep posted through their Facebook page for the next audition date!

    Sooners for Fair Trade

    Who they are: Sooners for Fair Trade is an on-campus organization that promotes the global campaigning and awareness of Fair Trade.

    What they do: The group aims to promote knowledge of Fair Trade to the OU community and showcase the Fair Trade items available on campus.

    Why join: This group encourages students to learn about a specific cause and how to lead for positive change. Students can easily take skills learned with Sooners for Fair Trade and apply them to their own special interest areas.

    How to join: Students can join at any time. Just follow the Sooners for Fair Trade Facebook page or connect with them on Twitter for information about the next group meeting.