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    21 Cute And Clever DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

    Dress up your kids this Halloween with these homemade costumes.

    1. The Mummy

    2. It's a Plane. It's a Bird. It's Superman!

    3. Old Granny

    4. Charlie Brown and Snoopy

    5. Bat Costume

    6. Halloween Onesies

    7. Skeleton

    8. Jetpack

    9. Zombie

    10. Fly High, Butterfly

    10. Scuba Divers - Let's Go Under the Sea

    11. Toothless of How To Train Your Dragon

    12. Shark with Dorsal Fin

    13. Awwww, Sushi!

    14. Minions

    15. Ghost

    16. No-Sew Pineapple Costume

    17. iPhone with Earbuds

    18. Mermaid

    19. Head-in-the-Jar

    20. Carl from the Movie "Up"

    21. Gypsy