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Planning Ahead: Finding Time for Studying

This workshop will discuss the intricacies of studying; including the importance of studying, how to study most efficiently, and how to fit studying into a busy college life. Come to this workshop prepared to learn how much time you have for studying and how to use it wisely. Join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 7pm in PAR 131, Saunders Lounge! Hope to see you there.

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1. Break up your studying.

Don’t study all at once. Try to spread out studying, for example instead of one 4-hour day of studying, study for 1 hour for the 4 days before the test. If you don’t have time for days before, try to at least not study all at once during the day, take breaks and make sure to take care of yourself.

2. Plan to study in advance.

Try to find out when your tests are and plan times in the week before to study in advance. Planning out the time and writing it down will make it easier to actually follow through and actually sit down and study.

3. What works for one subject may not work for another. You may need to study differently for different classes.

There are lots of different ways to study, and different kinds of tests and classes need different studying methods. It is important to study in a similar way to how the test is: deeply processing is the most important aspect, but that can be done in many ways. Some examples are writing summaries, explaining to a friend, or contextualizing the information to the real world.

4. Your wellbeing comes first - you can’t study well if you're not well.

Trying to study when sleep deprived or hungry or overly stressed will not work. Take the time to take care of yourself first and then study. If you have four hours and spend the first hour taking a nap or de-stressing you will get more studying done in those three hours then you would have trying to spend all four hours studying.

5. If you want to learn more come to the Tuesday @ 7 on 9/26 in PAR 131 Saunders Lounge.

You’ll be able to ask any questions you have. We will also take a more in depth look at how to study and all the different ways to optimize studying. Lastly we will talk about how to make time for studying in a busy life with lots of different activities and obligations.

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