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Managing The Unseen: The Impact Of Invisible Disabilities

There is more to people than what meets the eye! Managing the Unseen: The Impact of Invisible Disabilities is a workshop about invisible disabilities ranging from learning, physical, and mental disabilities. We will be discussing how all of these affect college students and how they are different from chronic illness. We will be meeting on Tuesday, November 14th in the Illini Union Room 404 at 7 pm. Join us!

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Invisible disabilities affect a lot of people.

26 million Americans are considered to have a severe disability, yet only 7 million use a wheelchair, cane, crutches, or walker.

Listen and hear others out.

You will be working with others sitting around you, so be prepared to listen and hear them out.

Have ideas to reflect on.

It is okay to not know much about invisible disabilities!

Be ready for new ideas.

We are hoping for participants to learn something new about disabilities, how they affect lives, and resources around campus.

The Counseling Center and DRES can help you.

These are two of many services on campus available to assist you with any needs that you have.

Counseling Center: (217) 333-3704

DRES: (217) 333-1970

National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

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