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Let's Get Down To Business: Ten Positive Study Skills

Need to work on your study skills? Want to unlock your true potential? Attend the Promoting Study Skills workshop on October 4th at 7pm to learn more about procrastination, campus study areas, study materials, and ways on how to study effectively to have a successful semester! This workshop will take place in Room 406 in the Illini Union. See you there!

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1. Overcoming procrastination

Learn how to detect/ decrease the amount of time spent on procrastination.

2. Know your type!

Learn what kind of learner you are and what can work to help studying (Ex: visual learners)

3. Campus resources

What resources there are on campus to help you study better (Ex: study rooms)

4. Reach out!

Know how/when to ask for help if you're struggling with a subject.

5. Still struggling?

Learn where to seek additional help (ex: tutoring).

6. Creative thinking

Start using and creating personal mnemonics.

7. Stay on track

Utilize the materials that are available to help you stay on track--like calendars or planners.

8. Take a break

Be sure to find time to relax between studying

9. Celebrate!

Reward yourself after good study sessions and exam scores!

10. Additional information

Learn how to get more information on student services like the Counseling Center.

For more information and individualized tips, join us in Illini Union Room 406 on October 4 at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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