11 Things You Didn’t Know Are Better Together

Like peanut butter and jelly, some combinations are a part of our daily lives. Other combinations, like putting braces on sharks… not so much. But does that make them any less important? Of course not! Imagine how much cuter sharks would be if they had nice teeth! Here are 11 other combinations that are making the world a better place. Brought to you by Fruttare®, bursting with real fruit & creamy milk. Jaw, meet floor.

1. Googly eyes + anything

NikNaks / Via giphy.com
mccallister16 / Via instagram.com

2. Watermelons + just the right amount of rubberbands

theslowmoguys / Via youtube.com

3. Bulldogs + Chinese Shar Peis

heyimjulayy / Via instagram.com

4. Boiling water + cold air

Steven Candy / Via youtube.com

5. Extraordinary dogs + scooters

Jeff Elder / Via vine.co

6. Pianos + doorbells

Li Jian / Via fancy.com

7. Human hands + light

ElMagoSerpico / Via youtube.com

8. Curious cats + vacuums

GIFAK / Via giphy.com

9. Luggage + transportation

Micro / Via amazon.com

10. Eggs + vinegar

Anne Helmenstine / Via youtube.com

11. Etch A Sketch + cellphone cases

iFoolish / Via bonanza.com

Brought to you by Fruttare®, a perfect combination with summer

Made with luscious fruit and creamy milk - pairs perfectly with a hot summer day.

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