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10 Signs It's Time To Get A New Phone!

...and how you'll feel when you finally do.

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1. You receive a voicemail you've been waiting for....days later.

CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK / Via Flickr: macsurak

Does that face look familiar?

'Oh, this is the job you needed calling. Let's set up an interview.'

Hmm..but remember you missed this call right? No Job! No Future! No Life!

2. You have to take the battery out because holding the off button just isn't enough. Your phone has been possessed by some unknown force thats only power is to torture you and make things difficult.

DragonOak / Via

You : 'Who are you? Why are you doing this?'

Phone Gods : 'Cause we can!'

*Make good use of your cutting board*

3. You start up a conversation with someone via text and patiently wait for a reply. But there is none. And there isn't going to be any because you have a shitty phone.

Sebastiaan ter Burg / Via Flickr: ter-burg

Amber [10am]: Hey Tom. How's it going?

Amber [11:07am]: Did you uhh get my text?

Amber [4pm]: Guess you're busy.

5. People message you on Facebook to say they've been calling you but there aren't any missed calls and your phone didn't ring all day.

SadieDrucker / Via

'Girl...Guess who I saw Tyrone with! Hello? Hello? This b*tch phone is never on!'

6. All day no one has texted you. *Shuts phone Off then On* A cascade of texts magically appear from hours ago.

vmitchell85 / Via

Ryan [6 hours ago]: Wanna hang out?

*No response*

Denise [8 hours ago]: They're giving out Free donuts at Union Square!

*You missed it!*

Chris [10 hours ago]: I had fun on our date last night.

*Guess you're not seeing him again*


7. You haven't received your 'Good Morning' text from bae and now you're in a foul mood.

AllansBrain / Via

You [9am]: '...I gave the best head of my life to that guy and he can't even call me. I'm done. Delete!'


Guy [8am]: Morning Boo. Last night was crazy. When am I seeing you again?

Guy [10am]: Aight...guess that's a no.

8. You try to make a call and it just says 'dialing'....forever! But the call never actually goes through. Your phone freezes and you frantically try to end the call.

CurlyDeea / Via

15 seconds later your unresponsive phone still says 'dialing' and you shut it off.

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