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16 Reasons To Unfriend Someone

It's not the end of the world...or is it? Be careful what you post — some people take unfriending a little too far. For the ultimate example of online revenge... Unfriended, coming to theaters April 17.

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1. They're overly #blessed for being #born and #living.

Courtesy of Christine Cuddy

2. Nonstop selfie posting.

Courtesy of Caitlin A. Stanton

3. They share a daily rant.


4. They haven't posted one interesting thing...ever.

5. They make passive-aggressive comments about "people" all the time.


6. They only share awkward inspirational memes.

Courtesy of Anonymous

7. They invite everyone to everything at every second.

Courtesy of Justin Perez

8. They're constantly making grammatical errors.


9. And constantly correcting the grammatical errors you make.


10. They got married.

Courtesy of Stephen Young

11. And then they had a baby.

Courtesy of Stephen Young.

12. They have comment conversations with their lover...and roommate.


13. Their life is too good and you can't handle the FOMO.

14. They never hesitate to post an embarrassing picture.

Courtesy of Charlene Manuel

15. They tag you in things they think will make you "better."

Courtesy of Taylor Newhall

16. And they make inappropriate comments in places where they aren't welcome.


For the ultimate reason, watch Unfriended — coming to theaters April 17.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures.