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    23 Inspiring Reasons To Celebrate International Women's Day

    Get inspired by the women and girls around the world who are making big and small gains to champion development progress in their families and communities.

    8 March is International Women's Day!

    1. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aynalem Ayele, a young fashion designer opens Ayni's Design, her labor of love.

    2. In Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and other parts of West Africa, 90% of women work in agriculture and in informal sectors such as food stall sellers, small shop owners, small-scale farmers, and farm laborers.

    3. In Sierra Leone, Sariatu, a hair dresser, stands up against Ebola stigma

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    UNDP Sierra Leone / Via

    Sariatu Kamara owns a beauty salon in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Customers stopped coming to her salon in 2013 during the peak of the Ebola outbreak. To end Ebola stigma, Sariatu, along with other business owners, became part Ebola-awareness educators and started coming up with creative ways to meet customers' needs.

    4. In South Sudan, Deborah tackles domestic violence against displaced persons and refugees

    5. In Afghanistan, a women's center provides hope for Afghan women.

    6. In India, the women of Odisha, who rely on farming and fishing, take on climate change

    7. In Indonesia, Sahanan and Tina both thought their chances of becoming parliamentarians were zero

    8. In Pakistan, the country's first-ever Women’s Caucus is breaking glass ceilings.

    9. In the Philippines, women lead community gardens to tackle hunger after Typhoon Haiyan

    10. In Timor Leste, more young women are signing up for the police force

    11. In Gaza, the first female mukhtarah mediates disputes

    12. Also in Gaza, solar power brings heat to one of the Gaza Strip's oldest all girls school

    13. In Syria, even little steps go a long way in helping women living near ongoing fighting.

    14. In Egypt, women crafters turn hobbies into jobs

    15. In Somalia, the first female Deputy Prosecutor takes office

    16. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, two best friends reflect on a friendship that spans decades.

    17. In Turkey, women find work in olive oil production

    18. In eastern Ukraine, Valeria, a student, stands up for justice

    19. In Tajikistan, Zan va Zamin, tackle environment and rural poverty

    20. In El Salvador, women gain grounds in politics

    21. In Guatemala, Elena, a genocide survivor makes history.

    22. In Peru, the women of Canchayllo tackle climate change