Why You Should Revisit The Silent Hill Games

Let’s face it. Silent Hill isn’t what it use to be. To some people the new games are almost as good, others think the new ones are terrible. Few have never even played the originals. Here are some reasons to revisit the originals again.

It didn’t rely on “jump scares” much. It simply made players scared of what their own mind would often conjour up.

Although it would also add the occasional WTF moment.

When the rare jump scare did happen you’d be paranoid everytime you were in the same situation. Believing it to happen again.

Who wasn’t paranoid by those windows?

It didn’t spell everything out for you. It left subtle hints for you to piece together yourself.

The monsters didn’t rely on blood or gore (something that horror games do a lot of now) but it still scared the crap out of you.

But when it did use blood, it was used very effectively.

No one could have played this bit and not be scarred for life.

You didn’t know what was worse. Seeing something.

When you cross a bridge to get to a room it’s there.

Or not seeing anything.

When you go back it’s no longer there.

It’s story was simple on the surface but deep and complex underneath.

The characters were believable and relatable. You’d feel for them. Carred for them.

It has amazing voice acting (even by today’s standards).

The story of Silent Hill 2 appears in many lists and articles of gaming’s best stories.

It made references to other horrors.

Jacob’s Ladder (1990).

Session 9 (2001).

Speaking of wheelchairs, this game made a generation of horror fans afraid of the dam things.

It also took a simple thing like a peephole and made us never to look through one every again.

It’s music is fantastic as these next few videos show.

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