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      Out of curiosity recently caught “Dredd 3D.” Had some time to kill, like Karl Urban and was pretty sure I had read some good reviews on it. Very surprised. Found it to be an extremely good action flick. Knows what it is and does it well. Clever, witty and well done. May have a life yet thru word of mouth and home video.
      “Wanderlust” however was just the opposite. Starts off well enough than takes a bizarre turn when Paul Rudd’s character develops some strange tourettes like syndrome. At this point it appeared everyone involved suddenly lost interest including the editor and director. What a mess!

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      Agree with all…except Katie Holmes. Whole thing struck me asavery calculated move byapublicity hungry actress. And the media went with it. I’m no Scientology fan butIfeel bad for Cruise on this one. he showed class by keeping his mouth shut while Holmes couldn’t stay off the front page despite living inabuilding that is celebrity friendly. Said building having both rear and underground exits, yet Ms. Holmes was constantly “surprised” by the paparazzi in front every time she popped out the door. Iknow an image campaign whenIsee one.

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