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Top 13 Celebs for Social Good in 2013

Celebrity without a cause is becoming an anomaly in Hollywood, and we LOVE it. Here are our fave stars who did some good this year, especially through the UN.

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1. Katy Perry Helps Kids


Katy Perry was everywhere in 2013, including Madagascar on a trip with UNICEF – an experience that inspired her song “Unconditionally.” And since she recently bumped The Biebs out of the top Twitter spot, her work with UNICEF will have a huge reach. FACT: More people who know about UNICEF’s work with vulnerable children = More people who will make a difference.

2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Become Equality Champions

Free & Equal / Via

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released the most inspiring song of 2013 – admit it, you cried a little when you read this story and watched the video. But their awesomeness didn’t end there. In November, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis decided to take their LGBT equality message global with the UN’s Free & Equal campaign.

3. David Guetta Lends Song to the Sahel Crisis

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People like music. Young people like David Guetta. Hunger is still a very real problem. David Guetta used his hit song “Without You” to raise awareness of (and money for!) the West Africa hunger crisis this year.

5. Stars from The Vampire Diaries & Glee Talk About Important Things

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Celebs raising awareness on the Syria crisis deserve another spot on this list because it’s that serious. UNHCR asked the question, “If you only had one minute to flee what would you take?” And some of our favorite TV stars answered. Because that is the reality for the more than 47 million refugees or displaced people worldwide.

6. Eminem Gets Out the Give


2013 was a bit of a comeback year for Eminem, and he’s bringing his hometown with him. Because if any city needs a little help, it’s Detroit. On #GivingTuesday when the world was rallying to get out the give, the rapper offered to match donations given to Wolverine Human Services up to $100,000.

7. Gisele Bundchen Brings Energy to All

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OK, maybe not yet, but Gisele is trying to bring energy to everyone – and she teamed up with the United Nations Environment Programme and Al Gore to do it.

8. Stephen Curry Shoots, Anti-Malaria Campaign Scores


Last season, the Golden State Warriors player proved how dedicated he was to protecting families from malaria with Nothing But Nets. For every three-point shot he made, he pledged to send three life-saving bed nets to those in need. So his 272 shots (some on one leg, no biggie) translated into 816 bed nets. And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this priceless video of him with Rick Reilly in nothing but bed nets.

9. Jennifer Lopez Helps Moms Share it Forward

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We all love moms. We all agree moms run the world. In 2013, JLo joined the Global Mom Relay to help unlock the potential of mothers and children everywhere, which is awesome since it helped support the UN Secretary-General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative.

10. Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Clash in Orange

UN Women / Via

Nicole Kidman is one of those actresses you love because she looks COMPLETELY different in every role she plays. But she’s pretty consistent on this: Violence against women is not cool. And we love that she’s talks about it a lot because it needs to be said over and over and over again.

11. David Beckham Joins Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts


The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador took to social media in support of the Philippines. (OK, a lot of celebrities did the same thing, but they probably didn’t look as good as him while doing it…)

12. Victoria Justice Girls Up

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Victoria went to Guatemala and saw firsthand what can happen when girls have the tools they need to go to school. Now she's championing for girls around the world with the Girl Up campaign so that every girl no matter where she's born has the chance to be healthy, safe and educated.

13. J.J. Abrams Shows Us A World Without Power / Via

The Executive Producer for 'Revolution,' a post-apocalyptic sci-fi show that takes place 15 years after the start of a worldwide blackout, teamed up with the UN to realistically portray what it’s like to live without power. Because that's what it’s like for the 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE who live without electricity every single day.

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