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  • Why Mr. Stopera is a jerk for his Intervention posting

    Hey Matt, I bet you look just as fucking stupid when your asshole’s lubricating from your own blood and feces while a fully shaved, 50 year old, obese, gentleman Japanese investment broker wearing a Ryan Gostling mask plows you into bliss. You are a awful shitty person with no empathy at all. “Oh my-th god-th, look-th at these-th people killing-th themselves-th because they are horrible sexual/physical/mental abuse survivors and they can’t ever feel good about themselves-th again-th!! Ha-th, ha-th!” - Matt Stopera I hope the gentleman Japanese investment broker has HIV in his cum streams! And they don’t find a cure until after you commit suicide! Sorry, I forgot to mention, during the gentleman Japanese investment broker encounter…he’s hitting you from the back, while you’re fellating a randy Corgi! The thing I like about everyone laughing it up, is that you look just as stupid, smoking the reefer and drinking at a club or having an orgasm or riding on a rollercoaster, as these people do; and you don’t laugh at yourself or your friends or your lovers when you do. Someone looking like a jackass isn’t enough to justify the laughs here, the laughs are being generated at sick people who have a mental disease for whom less than 10% will be able to pull out of and lead a “normal” life. You are laughing at the suffering at others and that makes you a bully, no matter how you look at it. Aren’t we supposed to be against bullies? Haven’t we lost enough lives to teens taking a bully’s words to heart too much. So me a favor, my response was flagged on your original post, by a flaggot, please put it back and let’s have a real discussion there.

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