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How The Beatles ROCKED America!

February 7th is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in the US. Relive the excitement in true BuzzFeed style... through gifs!

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With A Little Help From My Friends

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Their first stop was a performance on the iconic Ed Sullivan Show. Half a million ticket requests came in for a studio that could only seat about 700. Even Sullivan himself had trouble getting tickets. He asked his audience the week before: “If anyone has a ticket for The Beatles on our show next Sunday, could I please borrow it? We need it very badly.”

Come Together / Via Giphy

Over 73 million Americans tuned into watch the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show on the evening of February 9. That was almost half of the US population, and 20 million more people than lived in the UK at the time!

Got To Get You Into My Life


When the camera cut to John Lennon during the live performance, a caption flashed up: “SORRY GIRLS, HE’S MARRIED” (that'd be to his first wife, Cynthia). Cue weeping from millions of fans.

Across the Universe / Via (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

A couple of days later, the fab four made their way down to Washington (w00t!) for their first ever public concert in the US. They played at the Washington Coliseum near Union Station in front of 8,000 adoring (and very vocal) fans.

A Hard Day's Night

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Later that evening, the Beatles attended a reception at the British Embassy, the details of which are (ahem) not important. But John Lennon did manage to convince a reporter his name was Eric (see above).