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GREAT British Cars To Match Your Personality Type

Ahead of the Austin Grand Prix in Texas, we're highlighting GREAT British automotive innovation and helping you pick the British car that is just right for your unique personality! On your marks? GO!!!

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A Need For Speed!

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Vodafone McLaren Mercedes / Via

The UK is pretty much Valhalla for motorsport nerds. It's home to twice as many Formula 1 teams as the rest of the world combined. Three quarters of motorsport R&D takes place in the UK. Sadly for the average driver, there's a bit of sticker shock involved: the average F1 car costs $2.6 million.

But wait! Good news! The British technology used in F1 cars trickles down into less pricey vehicles. Lucky for you, the UK exports cars to over 100 markets around the world. With plenty of classics to choose from you're bound to find one to match your personality.

The Classy Character


Nothing says class and elegance like a Rolls Royce. It offers a ride so smooth that you won't get any fancy mustard on your suit, even if you do decide to make sandwiches in the car for some reason. And with accelleration from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds, you'll always reach the grocery store before they run out of dijon.

The Stud


James Bond has driven many cars in his career, but his unquestioned favourites are Aston Martins. In 2012, to celebrate its 100th year of production, Aston Martin released a new Vanquish 310. They were kind enough to bring a few to the Embassy, and take it from us: they're pretty boss. So put on your after-six tuxedo, renew your licence to kill and get behind the wheel.

The International Man (or Woman) of Mystery


Jaguars have a combination of speed and sex appeal fit for a super spy. Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson described the XK model as "pant-wettingly pretty." Plus, Jaguars now use new technology that is cleaner, safer and more fuel-efficient. So you can be an International Person of Mystery AND Environmental Responsibility. Groovy.

The Over-Achiever


You are all about speed and performance and want to win a race and it’s Perfectly. Reasonable. to want a Lotus. The Lotus F1 team has a winning record since its debut in 2012, and is one to look out for at the US Grand Prix. It’s also entirely possible for a Lotus car to drive on the ceiling, though it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see that over the weekend.

The Daredevil


The McLaren F1 is perfect for the kind of fast turns that even true adrenaline junkies appreciate. Just ask Rowan Atkinson, AKA Mr. Bean, who happens to own one of the 106 models ever produced. We hope for his sake that his driving has improved.

Bonus fact! Doctors use technology from McLaren's actual Formula 1 cars to monitor critically ill children with serious heart conditions.

The Musician

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The Mini Cooper is perfect for that chilled-out person who just wants a cool car to lug around a guitar. Hailed as “European Car of the Century,” the Mini Cooper is one of the top five auto products in the UK. It’s also a lot roomier than you think. You should be able to fit all your bandmates in a Mini... even if your band is the Polyphonic Spree.

The Entrepreneur


The next big-name in business needs a car to match. Fortunately, Land Rover, which makes both Land Rover and Range Rover, manufactures more than 300,000 cars a year, so you'll have plenty of sleek yet functional options when you’re off to make your millions.

These are only a small fraction of the 1.6 million cars and commercial vehicles and more than 2.5 million engines exported by the UK annually. That’s a lot of cars!