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Celebrate Fat Tuesday The British Way!

Many parts of the US celebrate Mardi Gras with elaborate parade floats, beads and lots of King Cake. But did you know there’s a British equivalent? Hint: It involves pancakes!

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Much like Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday is a time to celebrate and indulge before the start of Lent. In the UK this takes the form of eating a lot of pancakes. The tradition began as a way to use up leftover rich foods like eggs and milk. In the UK and a number of other commonwealth countries, Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday is unofficially known as Pancake Day!

It’s OK to play with your food!


Many towns in the UK celebrate the holiday with pancake races, where contestants must run while tossing a pancake in a frying pan (and, typically, wearing a silly hat). Each contestant must flip the pancake at least three times during the race. Even Parliament has its own annual pancake race, to raise money for the disability charity Rehab.

It’s all in the wrist


So, how do you flip your pancake without it falling to the ground? As HRH the Duchess of Cambridge clearly knows, the trick is all in the wrist! But if your pancake does fall, keep calm and carry on – you can still finish the race. Just recite a little rhyme and keep running.

“Pancakes are good. Pancakes are greasy.
I thought flipping pancakes was going to be easy.”

Or if you prefer, you can sing this modern classic:

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Either way, make sure to eat a tasty British pancake for Shrove Tuesday, topped with lemon and sugar! Yummy!