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    Top 10 Reasons To Stick Around For #UDWinter Session At The University Of Delaware

    Sure, it's quiet, but maybe that's why #UDWinter is one of the best-kept secrets at #UDel.

    10. You can eat your way around the world on Main Street.

    Emily Pollock and Katie Ward of the class of 2015.

    9. You can watch FREE movies in Bacchus Theatre like Guardians of the Galaxy.

    8. Hot chocolate. All. Day. Long.

    7. You can earn up to four credits by assisting in making a new musical come alive called, "Campus Chatter: A New Musical."

    6. If you are a female student, you can participate in a free workshop called "Hear Me Roar."

    5. Quizzo.

    4. Taylor Mali is coming.

    View this video on YouTube


    Taylor Mali is a well known slam poet and is absolutely HILARIOUS. Come out and see him perform and ask him any questions you have! Check out his video above, called “What Teachers Make.”

    3. You can watch the Super Bowl on more than one screen!

    2. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is offering a course about ice cream. And wine making.

    1. You can see how gorgeous UD’s campus is in the winter.