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Why "The Fault In Our Stars" Is The Greatest Love Story Of The 21st Century

Two years ago today, John Green's epic adapted novel was released into theaters. To celebrate, we've mark some of our favorite moments from when this cinematic romance gave us all the feelz.

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When the movie began with its meta-narration, we just knew we were in for something different than your typical YA-adapted fodder.

The brilliant theme and overall writing suggested that we are the manifestos of our own pain.

The Fault In Our Stars/20th Century Fox

John Green's philosophy could rival the legendary substance of Disney or Dr. Seuss in some centuries to come.

The entire Anne Frank House scene.

The Fault In Our Stars/20th Century Fox

Can we talk about how Anne Frank's narration paralleled Hazel's present-day struggle and gave us all chills? Simply unforgettable!

When the movie basically introduced the world to superstar Ansel Elgort.


He's the relatably charismatic James Dean, Steve MacQueen, and young DiCaprio our generation has been waiting for.

Everything about the devastation that was Amsterdam, Peter Van Houton, and that now famous bench.

The Fault In Our Stars/20th Century Fox

Don't set our hopes and dreams up for failure like this!

The fact that the film went well beyond the stereotypical romantic type of love, but promoted brotherhood and general friendship as well.

The Fault In Our Stars/20th Century Fox

Can we all have friends like Augustus and Isaac?

When Augustus Waters (our Jack Dawson) died, ruining any hope for a sequel or possible future for the two lovers.

The Fault In Our Stars/20th Century Fox

Sending everyone who didn't read the novel into a prolonged depressed state.

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