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Why Every Horror Aficianado Should Totally Be Watching "Scream: The TV Series"

Are you the ultimate horror fan? Well then the new "Scream" series on MTV may be your newest obsession.

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Character Brooke Maddox is the fully fleshed out blonde archetype we've all wanted since Laurie's BFF died way too prematurely in John Carpenter's original "Halloween."

Just like Scream's Drew Barrymore and Psycho's Janet Leigh, the series isn't afraid to kill its supposed star in the first act.


Seriously though, Bella Thorne is such a hottie. Why couldn't she survive a little bit longer?

Will and Jake (played by Connor Weil and Tom Maden) are the less annoying and more relatable versions of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.


Why can't we all be as charismatic and funny as "the Jake" Fitzgerald? He's just the perfectly written badass.

The series will often introduce bizarro supernatural moments that would rival any of our favorite sequences from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" or "Candyman."


Check out episode eight in Season 1 ("Ghost"). It features a moment that could catch even the manliest of horror buffs off-guard.

"Scream 2" once made us believe that minority characters would be safe in future incarnations of the franchise due to our current PC climate. (But plot twist: No one is)

Unlike rival show "Scream Queens," the cliffhangers are sophisticatedly used to move the plot forward, often creating even better character development along the way.

Is there more than one killer? Did she even die? Why is the final showdown always on a lake right before dawn? So many questions!!

Hmm, don't believe us quite yet. See the series for yourself every Monday night on MTV at 11PM.

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