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The Greatest Love Songs From Classic 90s Films You Probably Don't Know The Names Of

It's Music Week at BuzzFeed! So let's celebrate with these unknown (but classic) 90s love songs.

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Do you remember the name of that one song from that movie you or your parents used to watch all the time in your childhood? Well neither did we until we rounded up songs for this countdown that just have to be added to your nineties playlist.

5. "Colorblind" By Counting Crows (from "Cruel Intentions")

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Here's why: Granted, this song did become a recognizable sleeper hit after it was featured in the 1999 drama. But when we first saw "Cruel Intentions", the song was quite unknown and surprisingly never released as a single by Counting Crows. It makes our list only because of definitive scene it's featured in as Sebastian (Ryan Philippe) flees to the train station to surprise the love of his life (played by Reese Witherspoon) and their passionate scenes thereafter. Also with the two lovers' legendary exchange of dialogue paired to the uneasily sang lyrics of I am ready, this alternative hit pulled at our heart strings harder than any other scene in the teen classic.

4. "When You Say Nothing At All" By Ronan Keating (from "Notting Hill")

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Here's why: Okay, fine. From seeing Alison Krauss perform her original version live with Taylor Swift on 'The 1989 World Tour' or just by your incessant seeking of knowledge on this hit Julia Roberts rom-com, you probably know the name of this song by now. But whatever the case, there was something bizarre about this scene where the 'Queen of the 90s Box Office' was clumsily eating popcorn at an everyday cineplex. Just seeing the seemingly untouchable-Anna Scott (or Julia Roberts even) doing something quite normal with someone quite normal gave feels to the hopeless romantics in all of us.

3. "The Day I Fall In Love" By James Ingram & Dolly Parton (from "Beethoven's 2nd")

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Here's why: For a lot of us, witnessing the Newton clan's older daughter Ryce falling in love for the first time was the first time we saw anyone fall in love on screen; ultimately making this duet an incredibly big deal. And although country legend Dolly Parton oddly sings "roll over Beethoven" in the middle of what could've been a perfect ballad, her sweet vocals paired with this romantic scene made us all want to request this at many middle school dances to come. If only we knew its name.

2. "Love Is On the Way" By Billy Porter (from "The First Wives Club")

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Here's why: Who could forget the entirety of this ballad playing right before the unforgettable final act of this hit comedy? And by presenting bombastic vocals straight from the Whitney Houston textbook of epic 90s runs (oddly by a male), it was the inspirational breakup song that would stick with us throughout our entire childhoods. It also didn't help that Celine Dion covered the ballad for her fifth studio album, Let's Talk About Love. (Yupp, that's the one featuring her other colossal ballad, "My Heart Will Go On")

1. "Kiss Me" By Sixpence None The Richer (from "She's All That")

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Here's why: Now we all remember the scene where Laney makes her awe-inspiring post-transformation debut atop Zack Siler's staircase. So there's honestly no need to rehash a moment that we probably rewinded on my parent's VCR until it broke. But this epic scene was fueled by such a beautiful weepy that filled the screen with even more emotion and romanticism than Freddie Prinze Jr's heart-eyed glare. Perhaps it was the name of the band that was a mouthful or the fact that the song was only featured for a minute and 12 seconds... but how we could ever discount this candy-coated ballad that defined a generation is a shame.

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