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Leonardo DiCaprio Rides A Bike, Which Is A Pretty Big Deal Since He Hates Being Seen In Public

Will he controversially play Persian poet Rumi in an upcoming film? According to reports this week, probably not. But the newfound Oscar winner showed his face publicly today - which is news.

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Today, Leonardo DiCaprio went for a casual bike ride through the streets of New York City.


Which is odd because he hates being photographed in public.

Elle Magazine

Like the time he did this at LAX.

TMZ / Via

Or the time he revisited his character in 'The Man in the Iron Mask' in Paris this year.

Star Magazine

But still needed to remain incognito while eating this deliciously cheesy pizza.

Looks good Leo.
Star Magazine

Looks good Leo.

Or the time he wore his parka like this.


And when he was on the set of "The Wolf of Wall Street" and hid under this umbrella.

Just Jared

Or virtually anytime he goes to a sporting event to only sit like this.

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Plus, the time he went all "Cape Fear" on a paparazzi hiding in the bushes while out at lunch.

Stupid Famous People / Via

Serves him right.

Or whenever he dresses like this at Coachella.

Twitter / @ObeyLukeB / Via Twitter: @ObeyLukeB

So just seeing the Oscar winner chilling on a bike and checking his iPhone unfazed is bizarre.


But don't worry Leo, we love you and you'll always be the "King of the World" to us.

Paramount Pictures

Just keep those Oscar-winning performances coming.

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