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    6 Songs To Kick Start Your Tailgate

    Get your tailgate started right

    Tailgating. You're outside in the heat by grill, throwing back some beers, so what else goes well with that? Some good country tunes. As mentions that, "tailgate parties are a hallmark of so-called 'bro country'." Well we have that mixed with some other country in this list. All of these will help you get ready for the big game also. There's no better way to get ready for a tailgate than by listening to some country hits. Well here's a list of some country songs to turn out when tailgating, especially at a football game.


    Crushin' It- Brad Paisley

    This is exactly what you need to begin your weekend after a long, stressful week at work to get you ready for the weekend tailgate.

    Crushing cans is just another fun part of drinking beers especially if you have some boots on to help with the process, "When I'm finished with my can/I can stomp it with my boot/Punch it with my fist/Smash it on my forehead/Yeah, I got this/I'll be crushin' it." If you're at a college in the south on a Saturday in the fall, be prepared to see lots of pairs of cowboy boots.

    But the main jest of the song is to let loose on a Friday after a long week, "Every week has a weekend/By this time Friday night/I'll be done with my third can of cold Bud Light/And I'll be crushin' it."


    Parking Lot Party- Lee Brice

    While you driving to the stadium for your tailgate, get yourself ready for the party by having this song start off your playlist for the tailgate.

    Tailgating is essentially a parking lot party. Most tailgating goes on at sporting events outside of the stadium in the parking lots. When tailgating, you're just hanging with your friends, grilling some food and throwing back some drinks before the game. So what's better to have a tailgate, than a song about tailgating.

    The song talks about the basics of a tailgate party. "Johnny's firing' up his coleman grill/We've got 24 tall boys on the chill/Yeah, 14 of 'em's mine." One of the best parts of a tailgate is the grilling and all the beer that will consumed with your best friends.

    Another thing that some people do at a tailgate, sometimes they just stay out there and watch the game from there as mentioned in the song, "Hell, I ain't even bought no tickets yet/Yeah, but that's alright, we don't care/'cause all the pretty girls are sitting right here/Kicking back in a lawn chair."


    Red Solo Cup- Toby Keith

    Tailgating has been believed to have been around since the Civil War when civilians traveled to from Washington, DC to see the first Battle of Bull Run in 1861. Their tailgates consisted of picnic baskets full of food as they cheered on their teams from a distance. Bringing lots and lots of food to divulge in with your friends while cheering on your team hasn't changed much since then, but the way transport your beverage into your mouth has. Back then they most likely used glass cups but nowadays, all you ever see in a parking lot on game day are red solo cups.

    At most tailgates, you see these red solo cups all over the place from people drinking. Why not take a little time while you're tailgating and enjoy this song and give some appreciation to the cup that's holding your drink for you? As Toby Keith says in the song, "Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle/For barbecues tailgates fairs and festivals."


    Texas Longhorn- Django Walker

    If you're a Texas Longhorn fan like myself, why not here some tunes about your team? If you're like me at all, this song gets me excited to go watch Texas football beat some people (even though I know they haven't done it much lately). You're reminded of what made Texas football great especially those who did it when us college students were kids.

    The way this song speaks to you just makes you proud of who you are, "Yeah We're part of the chosen, who's blood runs burnt orange, /Thank God we were born - Texas Longhorns!" This song is normally played in the stadium on gamedays and the fans go nuts so, if you're in Austin on gameday add this to your playlist and you might become one large tailgate.


    Boys of Fall- Kenny Chesney

    Well most tailgating is synonymous with football, so this song should get you in the mood for football season. This song is everything that football is about. If you played you might miss the game more after listening to this.

    The ultimate team sport that everyone loves, "It's I got your number, got your back/You're your back's against the wall/You mess with one man, you got us all/The boys of fall." One thing that players love the most, are the enthusiastic fans that spend all day tailgating for the game, "Standin' in the huddle listenin' to the call/Fans goin' crazy for the boys of fall."


    Friends in Low Places- Garth Brooks

    Why not end this list with a song that everyone will sing along to? This is one of the most notorious songs to sing along with wherever you at when it comes on. And why not have some people belting this out while having a few drinks and food by the grill.

    Also if your team was to possibly lose, this song goes well with a loss and those extra beers you have sitting in the cooler as, "And the beer chases my blues away." Beer is also a good complement to helping rid of those bad memories that just happened not too long ago in that stadium.

    When it comes to tailgating and even football season, nothing goes better with that than some country music. Add in the drinking in the parking lot at the tailgates and these songs go even better with tailgating. So next time you're out in a parking lot of a sporting event, take a listen to these songs to liven up the mood.