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    Posted on Feb 9, 2014

    26 Letters

    With so many letters in the alphabet, it's hard to keep track. Here's an incomplete list!

    1. A!

    A is a letter!

    2. B!

    B is also a letter!

    3. C!

    4. D!

    One of the most desired letters!

    5. E!

    Not just an entertainment network anymore!

    6. F!

    F stands for failure!

    7. G!

    Via Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

    G'd up from the feet up. Ride or die! Giggles.

    8. H!

    9. I!

    There's no i in team but there is in this list!

    10. J!

    But only if it's legal!

    11. K!

    The most annoying text message response!

    12. Zhe!

    Didn't see that coming!

    13. M!


    14. N!

    15. O!

    OMG. All are letters!

    16. P!

    17. Q!

    can i ask you a q

    18. R!

    The best rating.

    19. S!

    20. T!

    21. U!

    22. V!

    Hello ladies!

    23. W! / Via

    Greatest president.

    24. X!


    Yo Buzzfeed, I heard you like listicles.

    25. Why, god?

    26. Z!

    Zee end!

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