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27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen

So maybe you don't own two Sub-Zero fridges, or even a "pantry." Maximize your storage with these handy tips and tricks.

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6. Skip the knife block.

Chances are you don't have that much counter or drawer space. Put your backspash to work with a magnetic knife strip, like this one for $19.99 at The Container Store. Or, for those of you with some fancy woodworking skills, check out this DIY version at Man Made DIY.


13. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling.

Yeah, these are usually reserved for expensive, fancy-ass kitchens, but if you've got the space above your head, why not use it for storage? This version from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is downsized for small spaces.


16. Use an over-the-sink cutting board to temporarily expand your counter space.


Using your sink as a temporary chopping surface frees the rest of your counters for other cooking steps. Crate and Barrel has one for $29.95. This bamboo one "catches veggies as you slice," $33.31 on Amazon.


24. If you have the space, a kitchen cart can serve multiple purposes.

It can serve as an extra counter, an extended storage area, or a temporary bar for entertaining. This one's on Mary Made This. (There's a summary in English at the bottom).

27. If you're handy, make your own corner drawers.

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Gah. This tops, like, everything. Woodworkers, get the deets on Instructables. Everyone else... just be jealous.