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    How To Stud Anything

    Jk, jk. Amost anything. But really, please don’t spend tons of cash on something with studs on it — learn to do it yourself.

    Lesson One: Types of Studs

    Lesson Two: Studding in Three Steps

    Lesson Two, Part B: Studding With Glue

    Lesson Three: Things You Should Stud

    Lesson Four: Things You Should Not Stud

    Congratulations! Now here are some pretty things you might make.

    A turban that doesn't cost $500

    Lady Gaga's bra

    A minimalist clutch

    Hipstery Keds

    A pink ombre "sweater"

    Bondage jewelry

    A geometric phone case

    A rockstar shirt

    Leather accessories for your hair

    On the leathery note...

    Quick and easy earrings

    This Riveting Tee

    Custom moccasins

    A leather wrap bracelet

    And finally: a collar for this adorable doggie