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33 DIY Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever

Seriously, step away from your computer. You need sand between your toes and chlorine in your hair, because playing isn't just for kids anymore.

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Real beach weather may still be a few weeks (...or a month) out for some of you, but that doesn't mean you can't start dreaming of what warm weather will bring!


6. Learn how to actually wear sunscreen.

Important to know if you're going to spend a summer in the sun! For instance, did you know that sunscreen takes a full 30 minutes to absorb? And that you want to use a golf ball–sized amount for EACH part of your body? MD Anderson Cancer Center has a list of ways to make sure you're wearing it right.

9. Freeze aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray to soothe a sunburn.

Just make sure that aloe vera is the only ingredient in your aloe gel, or at least avoid any gels that list alcohol as an ingredient (alcohol will soften your skin in the short term, but it ultimately makes it drier).


13. Wipe that pesky sand off your toes with baby powder.

That fine layer of sand always sticks around even after you rinse and towel-dry — it just never seems to go away (until you take a shower at home). Get rid of it before you climb back in your car with a dusting of baby powder; WikiHow has step-by-step instructions, and Grosgrain Fabulous verifies.


26. Turn a cooler into a water-resistant iPod stereo.

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Ignore the ancient iPod, and watch the rest of this cool video. It even uses solar panels. Maybe consult your friend majoring in engineering before attempting. By Solar Burrito.

28. Carefully cut up empty soda cans to disguise your beer cans.

You could also use one of those gigantic Styrofoam cups, put your beer bottle in it, then put the straw in. It'll keep it cold too. But then you're drinking beer through a straw.

29. Add pockets to the corners of your beach towel.

Make them out of mesh so it's easier to get the sand out. It'll at least weigh down the corners, if you don't feel like sticking your sandy flip-flops in your towel. You can also probably use some Stitch Witchery and an iron instead of a needle and thread. Directions also on Martha Stewart.


30. Turn your truck bed into a pool-type thing.

Via Flickr: kylerdunst

Best in the South, where you can always find a friend with a truck. Not surprisingly, there aren't any beautiful bloggers with a how-to here, but it's not too difficult to figure out. Here's a little blurb on it from Mother Earth News. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it.