22 Tricks To Help Speed-Clean Your Home

    Your parents are showing up in two hours. YOU'D BETTER GET GOING.

    1. Keep a basket of supplies ready at all times.

    2. You can keep it in your cleaning command center to customize it every time you pull it out.

    3. Or build an essentials kit in every room

    4. Set a timer for yourself.

    5. Make a cleaning playlist.

    6. Clean room by room.

    7. Keep some bleach gel near your bath tub or shower for quick application to gross grout.

    8. Quickly rub down everything in your bathroom with soap in a dish wand.

    9. Before you start running around, stick your towels and your shower curtain liner in the washer.

    10. Spray the crap out of surfaces and wipe up.

    11. Use a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to wipe down the greasy residue around your kitchen.

    12. (Vodka works too).

    13. Load. The. Dishwasher.

    14. Steam clean your microwave AND spray down your range hood grate all at once.

    15. If you have a lemon lying around, you can also stick lemons in the water you microwave.

    16. Spray furniture polish on anything you need shinier.

    17. Pretend you just cleaned your sheets and pillows by spritzing linen spray everywhere.

    18. Take a lint roller to your lampshades.

    19. Stick a sock on your hand to dust quickly.

    20. Use a gigantic extension cord for your vacuum.

    21. Use a mop to wipe down ceilings and high dusty places.

    22. Just wipe everything down with disinfecting wipes.

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