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29 Hacks For The Frugal Clean Freak

Bonus: most of these are earth-friendly, too.

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6. Shine your sink with citrus and baking soda.

This works on all sorts of sinks, even stainless steel. If you use lemons, you can grind them up in the garbage disposal afterward to make it smell fresh. From here.


7. Put cheap refill soap in your foaming soap dispensers.

Just add water to your thicker handsoap. Of course, you'll need to have splurged on one of those foaming soap things at one point. From here.


13. Save on dry cleaning by washing your own wool sweaters.

You can't skimp on dry cleaning everything, but wool is something you can. Make sure you lay them out flat to dry, so they retain their shape. More directions here.


23. Make a spray of baking soda and water for your oven.

Good for the lazy, too. Spray it down a few times, and then after baking a batch of cookies (or something), let it cool down enough so you don't get hurt when you go in there with a scrubber to wipe it out.

Full directions here.


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