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    A Complete Cleaning Guide For The Germaphobe In You

    Everything you touch is gross. Here's how to clean it. All of it.

    1. Your toothbrush.

    2. Your contact case.

    3. The toilet seat.

    4. The bathtub.

    5. Your floofy thing (aka bath sponge).

    6. Your towels -- both the bath towels and the hand towel.

    7. The rugs.

    8. The evilest thing in your kitchen: the sponge.

    9. Your kitchen towels.

    10. The cabinet knobs (or wherever you always touch to open your cabinets).

    11. The faucet and its handle.

    12. Your microwave buttons.

    13. Door knobs and handles. And light switches.

    14. Game controllers and TV remotes.

    15. Keyboard and mouse.

    16. Bed and bedding.

    17. Dust in all the other places.

    18. Cash Money

    19. Your cell phone.

    20. Your keys.

    21. Your purse (or man-purse).

    22. Everything at work: your keyboard/mouse, the copier, that pen you found next to the copier, your phone...and the communal fridge.

    23. The cart at the grocery store.

    24. Public transportation.

    25. Salt shakers at your favorite restaurant. Awww.

    26. Stairwells handrails.

    27. And finally: public bathrooms.

    28. BONUUUUUSSS: How to properly wash your hands.