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How To Throw A Gorgeous And Geeky "Game Of Thrones" Wedding

You probably don't want your wedding to be much like a Dothraki affair...or like that other infamous wedding. But that doesn't mean you can't go all out.

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So you can't pull a Sean Parker?

This tech startup billionaire's Game of Thrones wedding is going to cost, like, over $9 million. I am not kidding.

Whatever. You can work your favorite book-slash-TV series into your own nuptials without buying custom costumes for your guests. (Although that's a definite possibility.)


Skip the courthouse and have your wedding outside. (Or in a CASTLE.)

This will obviously depend on where you live. But the forest's almost definitely cheaper than a castle. Which would also be cool.

This picture's from a wedding in Sweden.


Braid your hair like your favorite Khaleesi.

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You'll probably want to have someone who's really good at doing your hair, like your mom, help you out.

Let all of that pretty wilderness inspire your centerpieces.

I also like the idea of using Houses instead of table numbers, and basing your centerpieces on those -- but the internet has not provided, not this day.

This DIY twig vase via NiniMakes.



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