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    How To Throw A Gorgeous And Geeky "Game Of Thrones" Wedding

    You probably don't want your wedding to be much like a Dothraki affair...or like that other infamous wedding. But that doesn't mean you can't go all out.

    So you can't pull a Sean Parker?

    This tech startup billionaire's Game of Thrones wedding is going to cost, like, over $9 million. I am not kidding.

    Whatever. You can work your favorite book-slash-TV series into your own nuptials without buying custom costumes for your guests. (Although that's a definite possibility.)

    Choose your house invites!

    Become a real Lord or Lady.

    Skip the courthouse and have your wedding outside. (Or in a CASTLE.)

    Make the best man the hand of the king with a fancy boutonniere.

    Serve Ommegang's Iron Throne Blonde Ale... badass horn mugs, like they have at the wall.

    Dress your bridesmaids up like ladies of Qarth.

    Or go for a less costume-y but still flowy dress.

    If you're feeling up to it, serve Ned head cake pops.

    Go all out with a Cersei Lannister-inspired corset gown.

    Or have a red wedding in one of Vera Wang's spring gowns.

    Braid your hair like your favorite Khaleesi.

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    You'll probably want to have someone who's really good at doing your hair, like your mom, help you out.

    Give your bridesmaids quotable necklaces.

    Or dire wolf necklaces.

    Let all of that pretty wilderness inspire your centerpieces.

    You can't forget the crown.

    ...although it would be okay to go slightly more understated.

    Or more modern.

    And finally, consult with your baker to make an epic GoT cake.

    Top your cake with dragon eggs.

    Send everyone on their way with favors to commemorate your love.