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    Bunnies Everywhere! 17 Of The Cutest Bunny-Shaped Crafts

    You still have time to make all of these hippity hoppity projects before springtime hits. Well, maybe not all. But definitely your favorite ones.

    1. Sleepy Felt Bunny Bags / Via

    Give all your little bunny friends bags of treats to celebrate spring. Some felt and thread go a long way. Directions here.

    2. Big Cuddly Bunny / Via

    I know I can count on Purl Bee for cute knitting patterns, so of course they have the best knitted bunny out there. Get the pattern here.

    3. Kissing Bunny Paper Chains / Via

    Cuter than normal bunnies: kissing bunnies. Find out how to make the bunny chain and a baby chick chain here.

    4. Bunny Placecard Holders / Via

    For the whimsically sophisticated Easter dinner, or spring food celebration. You can find good bunny figurines on Amazon. Directions here.

    5. Tiny Amigurumi Bunny / Via

    Want your yarn bunny to be smaller and quicker to make? Try this free pattern -- it shows you how to make a teensy carrot, too. They don't look so angry in the other pics, I promise.

    6. Origami Bunnies With Pom Pom Tails / Via

    You can string them into a garland, or just strategically place them around your house where they'll look the cutest. Directions here.

    7. Bunny Butt Sundaes / Via

    Somebunny's stuck in the chocolate cookie crumbs! Sprinkle some candy eggs and flowers around for a little more color. Directions here.

    8. Bunny Applique / Via

    The baby's adorable, but you could stitch this applique onto a tee for yourself, or onto a canvas tote bag. Directions here.

    9. Another Bunny Garland / Via

    In whatever colors you like. The patterns on the sample are a tad overwhelming. Directions here.

    10. Bunny Pallet Art / Via

    No nails involved here, just some wood glue and paint. Full tutorial here.

    11. Felted Lop-Eared Bunny / Via

    Don't you just want to rub little pink noses with this guy? Directions here.

    12. Bunny Ears / Via

    They're better than the construction paper versions you made in elementary school. But maybe a little more complicated. Directions here.

    13. Bunny Jars / Via

    You need to keep all of those speckled malted eggs and jelly beans somewhere. Directions here.

    14. Spring Bunny Crochet / Via

    The lavender and mint colors make these little profiles enchanting. Step-by-step instructions here.

    15. Felt Egg Cozies / Via

    This tutorial comes with a basic pattern for the tiny egg scarf, too.

    16. Wash Cloth Bunnies / Via

    Because their little eyes, noses, and tails require hot glue, you won't get to wash your face with them. But they'd make great little gifts. Directions here.

    17. Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers / Via

    Once you make the little cookies, all you have to do is stick them onto iced cupcakes. Much easier than most cupcake decorating. Directions here.

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