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    30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks

    More money, more problems, amirite?

    1. Pencil grips make crochet hooks more comfortable.

    2. Turn pool noodles into waterproof garlands.

    3. S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage.

    4. Use some picture frames to make a terrarium.

    5. Organize crayons by color with popsicle trays.

    6. Manila folders + chopsticks = modern lamp.

    7. Pick your favorite plastic animal and turn him into a bookend.

    8. Sponges can be ergonomic keyboard things.

    9. Picture frames work as dry erase boards.

    10. Dropcloths can be curtains, too.

    11. These wire easels want to keep your laptop cool.

    12. Turn cooling racks and lasagna pans into juicy steaks.

    13. Cover oddly shaped kitchen items with shower caps.

    14. Spraypaint and patience can turn beads into a chandelier.

    15. Get crafty with two colors of paint and some vases.

    16. Mercury-ize any sort of glassware you happen to find.

    17. Dino butts can help your phone stand up.

    18. Make a little magnet board with a burner cover.

    19. Cups can be custom modular storage.

    20. Use contact paper as a laptop skin.

    21. Mirrors become little boxes.

    22. You too can have a spa-like bathroom for only like $5.

    23. Never ever misplace your keys again...

    24. Keep your beer at hand all summer long.

    25. Fancy pants topiaries (assuming you can find moss).

    26. Highlighters = glow water. WHAT.

    27. Turn paint can lids into a pretty outdoor mirror.

    28. Find a microfiber towel and sew it into a Swiffer cover.

    29. Turn a laundry basket into a pretty striped basket.

    30. Binder clips can hold your cables.

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