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    24 Crafts To Totally Geek Out About

    Because not everyone's into excessive glitter, here are crafts to appeal to your Trekkie and Whovian sides.

    1. Triforce (and Comic Book) Candles / Via

    They're so decorative that your mom probably won't even notice how awesome they are. You also get a Triforce stamp out of it, so you can Triforce all of the things. Directions here.

    2. Painted TARDIS Keds / Via

    Now you can own your very own Directions here.

    3. 8-Bit Mario Granny Square Blanket / Via

    Granny squares take only a few minutes to make, then you sew them all together. As long as you have an 8-bit pattern, you can adapt this technique to almost any pixel-ly illustration. Directions here.

    4. Killer Comic Book Heels / Via

    The red tights and patent-blue-base shoes make these better than your average decoupage. Directions (in a tiny font) here.

    5. Floppy Disk Planters / Via

    Sure, they're not associated with a show, but what geek doesn't have some old floppys lying around? Directions here.

    6. Giant Atari Joystick Lamp / Via

    More complicated than your average crafting project, but proportionally cooler. Directions here.

    7. Comic Book Coasters / Via

    Just make sure you buy two copies of each comic book, so you have one to read and one for your martini. Directions here.

    8. IRL Minecraft Iron Sword and Pickaxe

    View this video on YouTube


    You can hang them above your fireplace, like a family heirloom. Directions in the video above, originally here.

    9. Starfleet Insignia Crochet / Via

    To attach to your crochet koozie, tea cozy, iPhone case, or blanket. Directions here.

    10. Nebula Pillow / Via

    Make it for your favorite astrophysicist. Directions here.

    11. Mini Ewok Softie / Via

    SQUEE. Directions here.

    12. Spiderman Cross Stitch / Via

    You can put it on a pillow, frame it and put it on your wall, turn it into a placemat or table runner, or sew it onto the front of a bag. Find the pattern here.

    13. Lego USB / Via

    Unfortunately, because of the way these are made, you can't stack them on top of each other. You also won't want to step on it by accident. Directions here.

    14. Stuffed Creeper Doll / Via

    Because you definitely want to cuddle with it before it blows up your home. Directions here.

    15. Jayne's Hat Knitting Pattern / Via

    Admit it: It's your favorite costume piece from the show. And you've always wanted to have one of your own. Pattern here.

    16. Pac-Man Corkboard / Via

    It's just what you need to dress up your desk. Make a red bow and tack it to the top of Pac-Man to create a Ms. Pac-Man. Directions here.

    17. One-Ring Scarf / Via

    By far the most astounding geeky knitting pattern, available here.

    18. Star Wars Snowflakes / Via

    Maybe you've seen them before, but they still deserve a mention. Patterns available here.

    19. Mandala Hat / Via

    Now you can wear Starbuck's great mystery on your head, and only fellow fans will know why it's more than a fantastic hat. Pattern here.

    20. N7 Hoodie / Via

    Get ready for ME4 with this N7 hoodie using an N7 patch and red and white ribbon. Directions here.

    21. Golden Snitch Ornament / Via

    Don't wait until Christmas — make a snitch and find a place to hang it NOW. Directions here.

    22. Zelda Heart Card / Via

    To give your loved ones who would actually know what you're talking about. Directions here.

    23. TARDIS Socks / Via

    Those Whovians really have the DIY thing down. Pattern here.

    24. A.S.H.P.D. (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device) — or, the Portal Gun

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    This one's complicated, and you'll have to have some skill with a Dremel to make it happen. If you do, though... So. Worth. It. Directions in the video above, originally here.