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    Extremist Christian Protesters At DePauw University Cause Outrage With Members Of The Student Body

    D3TV and The DePauw bring you coverage of the anti-gay, anti-sex and anti-partying protesting that led to at least one student in handcuffs and outrage by hundreds of others.

    Today at approximately 11:30 Eastern Standard Time, protestors showed up to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana on the corner of Hanna and Locust Streets.

    The protesters arrived yielding signs and Bibles, preaching that students who participated in "unholy behaviors" were going to hell.

    These behaviors included homosexuality, excessive sexuality, drug and alcohol use, masturbating and a handful of others.

    At first, students walked by, attempting to ignore the shoutouts by the protesters. They were shouting directly to students, things such as "you are going to hell," calling students whores and asking how many STDs they had.

    Eventually students took to responding, at first in small numbers, then by the hundreds. Greencastle and campus police shut down the surrounding streets.

    DePauw students taking a stand against protesters outside of the hub

    Quickly, different groups on campus brought out gay pride flags and began chanting things such as, "we have nothing to lose but our chains," and "I believe that we will win."

    DePauw University sophomore Marissa Higgs (middle) brings a rainbow flag to hold in front of students and protestors.

    These protesters were apparently not affiliated with a specific church, but people who simply get together to protest. This group have allegedly been to various colleges across the state of Indiana including Indiana State University and Indiana University.

    The president of the university was present, as well as representatives from DePauw Student Government.

    DePauw Student Government President Craig Carter takes a stand against protesters in Bowman Park this afternoon.

    Jessie Scott, DePauw's Bonner Scholar Coordinator, said they were trying to get students to remain silent and not give the protesters what they wanted, but it soon led to much more.

    Speakers were brought out and music could be heard across campus. As more students arrived, the shouting grew louder from the protesters, as well as students, and things began to get heated.

    At least one student was handcuffed to prevent physical contact between the students and protesters, but there has been no arrest confirmation at this time.

    BREAKING: Protests at @DePauwU @D3TVdepauw @D3TVTheSource

    A DePauw University student was pinned down by police officers at 1:38 pm during a protest in Bowman Park @TheDePauw

    At 1:50 p.m. police escorted the protesters off of the corner and the crowd slowly dispersed.

    At 1:50PM the I identified group left @DePauwU's campus. Here is the video clip. May contain explicit language.

    The university was quick to respond, with President Brian Casey emailing students a statement at 2:20 p.m.

    The email went as follows:

    "Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

    As you likely know, a number of protestors came to Greencastle today, with messages that were hateful.

    Of course, the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to free speech on public grounds (including city sidewalks)- even for messages filled with hate and animosity.

    Thankfully, we also are offered the opportunity to express our opinions. I write to invite you to a campus gathering this afternoon in Ubben Quad to allow our campus community to come together and show solidarity and support for one another.

    I invite you to join me and many others in Ubben Quad today at 4 p.m.

    Most sincerely,

    Brian Casey


    Facebook: video.php

    DePauw student JD McKinnon video of a youthful protester, who appeared to be wearing Boy Scout attire.

    Today is also Bisexual Visibility Day, which could be a reason for the protesting.

    D3TV and The DePauw will be bringing you more information on the unfolding events at and