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15 Tuxedo Cat Accounts You Need In Your Life Right MEOW

Make your day dapper. Follow some Tuxies.

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@tuxedotrio / Via @tuxedotrio

Full disclosure: We created this list. We are Ben, Hugo, and Jack, three tuxedo bros from Boston and are simply obsessed with other tuxie accounts.

@_porkchopthecat_ / Via @_porkchopthecat_

Porkchop, Beans, and TT PiSTACHio are three sassy girl tuxies from NYC! Their antics are always making us laugh.

@ridley_the_xfire_tuxedo / Via @ridley_the_xfire_tuxedo

Ridley is a spunky tuxie who was saved from a shelter at age 7. He lives for Caturday.

@pingu_the_tuxedo_cat / Via @pingu_the_tuxedo_cat

Oh how we love Pingu's markings! She lives in Hong Kong and we adore her photos.

@princesscheeto / Via @princesscheeto

Cheeto the Tuxedo is another NYC tuxie! Her dad posts the most gorgeous photos of her! Must follow.

@liladolf / Via @liladolf

Adolf and Heinrich are the most lovable tuxedo dictators we know. And their German is impeccable.

@muppet_the_moustached_cat / Via muppet_the_moustached_cat

We can't get enough of Muppet! She is one of the prettiest girls we've ever known with a mustache!

@tuna_and_barry / Via @tuna_and_barry

Tuna and Barry are sweet rescue kitties who live in the land down under!

@charlieskittyadventures / Via @charlieskittyadventures

Another down-under tuxie! Charlie looks dapper in bow ties.

@figaro_francois / Via @figaro_francois

You can usually find Figaro on his back being adorbs 24/7.

@mycatkyle / Via @mycatkyle

Kyle's crooked ear, three teeth, and escape foot make him a loveable fan favorite.

@meow_york_kitties / Via @meow_york_kitties

Neyland lives with his non-tuxedo brother, Knox, but that's ok because we don't discriminate.

@bananajam1 / Via @bananajam1

Pi lives in London and has the prettiest pink nose we've ever seen!

@stalinthecat / Via @stalinthecat

When Stalin talks, you listen.

@honeybee_x10 / Via @honeybee_x10

Pepper is a gorgeous tuxie from Korea! Love at first sight.

@the_stachy_cats / Via @the_stachy_cats

Ok, we can't stop at just 15 accounts. Here are 5 bonus tuxie accounts you'll love! Starsky and Cutch are a new favorite of ours!

@chesterthemagnificent / Via @chesterthemagnificent

Magnificent indeed! Love Chester's adorably crossed eyes and stache.

@gary_oreo_cats / Via @gary_oreo_cats

Oreo and his brother Gary live in Spain!

@theadventuresofbuzzandwoody / Via @theadventuresofbuzzandwoody

It doesn't get any cuter than Buzz & Woody, two tuxedo brothers from Yorkshire!

@puppawthetuxedo / Via @puppawthetuxedo

Just look at that smile! Puppaw is a happy midwestern kitty who lives with his tabby sister, Sissy.

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