22 Things That Are The Mall Trips Of Your Childhood

Let’s go to the mall! I’ll meet you at the Nordstrom’s end. Ugh, sorry I’m late! I wish we had cell phones.

1. Making Plans on AIM

Otherwise how else are you gonna know when and where to meet?

2. Making Your Parents Drop You Off at the Other End of the Parking Lot

“Mom, it’s fine, I can walk from here!”

3. Getting Your Ears Pierced at Claire’s

4. Grabbing an Icee

“You can’t get the red one because that’s the one I get!” PS blue and red are the only true Icee flavors.

5. Wandering into Hot Topic

“I’m thinking of going goth.”

6. Trying On Sunglasses at Forever 21

Hands up if it stresses you out that these stores are now called “XXI FOREVER”

7. Avoiding Eye Contact with the Victoria’s Secret Mannequins

So young to feel such shame.

8. Hiding from Your Nemesis in B. Dalton

RIP :(

9. Trying to Play it Cool in Spencer’s Gifts

“OMG Josh look: BONER PILLS!”

(I got kicked out of one once. Who remembers why anymore?)



11. Obsessing Over the New Chad Muska Shoes at Journeys

“There’s a pocket in the tongue of the shoe. For drugs!!!” - twelve year olds in 1998

12. Asking the Guy at GameStop If They Have the New Pokemon Game Yet

“When is Pokemon Yellow coming out?! Ugh fine do you have Ocarina of Time?”

13. Going Wild at Sweet Factory


14. Coordinating the Big Group for the Movie on Friday Night

And then figuring out where everyone is sitting. Bonus points if Dad chaperones and rearranges the entire theater so all nine of you can sit together.

15. Throwing Pennies in the Fountain

“If I tell you what I wished for it won’t come true!”

16. Getting a Hot Chocolate at Gloria Jean’s

“Coffee is so gross, you guys. My mom drinks it all the time.”

17. NEEDING that Pair of Oakleys at PacSun

You totally hid them under a hat somewhere so they’d be there when you came back with your parents.

18. Buying the Edited Version of “Take Off Your Pants & Jacket” From Sam Goody

And then going home, opening Earthlink, and searching on Altavista for the uncensored lyrics anyway.

19. Getting ALL Your Stationery at the Hello Kitty Store

Like all the cool kids.

20. Seeing Your Crush Across the Food Court

“Oh my god Stephanie is RIGHT THERE. Do you think she saw me?”

21. Getting One of These Taken With Your BFFs

And then giving them to everyone you know with your names on the back. PS the girl in the middle is the girl I got kicked out of Spencer’s with when we were twelve #tbt

(photo used with her permission)

22. Waiting in Front of the Movie Theater for Your Parents to Pick You Up While Listening to the CD You Just Bought on Your Sony Walkman

Whattup Northridge Fashion Center #valleylife

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