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22 Things That Are The Mall Trips Of Your Childhood

Let's go to the mall! I'll meet you at the Nordstrom's end. Ugh, sorry I'm late! I wish we had cell phones.

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14. Coordinating the Big Group for the Movie on Friday Night


And then figuring out where everyone is sitting. Bonus points if Dad chaperones and rearranges the entire theater so all nine of you can sit together.

21. Getting One of These Taken With Your BFFs

And then giving them to everyone you know with your names on the back. PS the girl in the middle is the girl I got kicked out of Spencer's with when we were twelve #tbt

(photo used with her permission)

22. Waiting in Front of the Movie Theater for Your Parents to Pick You Up While Listening to the CD You Just Bought on Your Sony Walkman

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