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    22 Reasons To Love Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry, writer, actor, comedian, genius, and host of the (absolutely brilliant) panel show QI (Quiet Interesting) is one of the UK's most cherished national treasures. Here's why.

    1. This face.



    2. This outfit.


    Legs for MILES (he's like 6'4")

    3. The things he does with words.


    And the things your words do to me...

    4. His comedic chemistry with Hugh Laurie.

    5. His excellent life advice.

    Try it. It works.

    6. His wonderful sense of humor.

    Everything he's done, especially A Bit of Fry & Laurie, is gold. It's on Netflix.

    7. Whatever this is.

    I promise that sentence had never before been uttered in any language.

    8. His nerdy genius.

    9. His ethics.

    View this video on YouTube

    "But to apologize for how one loves, that's crazy. What would another species think of us if they caught us doing that? Yet sadly that's what we do all the time."

    10. His twitter.

    11. His laughter.

    12. His honesty.

    13. His friends.

    He's bffs with J.K. Rowling.


    Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Emma Thomspon were bffs at Cambridge and saw great success as part of the undergraduate comedy troupe, Cambridge Footlights Revue.



    He's also bffs with Rowan Atkinson. His appearances in Blackadder are legendary.

    He's even on cordial terms with Prince Charles!!! He was invited to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding and got them a very unusual gift. Watch him talk about it here.

    15. His adorable Englishness.

    16. His powers of observation.

    17. His eloquence.

    18. This photograph.

    19. His portrayal of Oscar Wilde.


    The role he was born to play.

    20. He is painfully adorable.

    Stop. My heart.

    21. Oh, and he's such a flirt.

    22. And finally, this:

    Words to live by.

    Why do you love Stephen Fry? Add your reasons below!

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