10 Pictures Of Poodles In Costume

Because sometimes just being a poodle isn’t fancy enough. (via dailymail.co.uk)

As part of annual competitions known as “creative grooming” (shudder), begrudging poodles are outfitted, dyed, and decorated to look like other animals (or, sometimes, people), all within two hours. And then I guess there’s some kind of best-in-show parade? Or maybe they put on a play. I don’t know. Cats on a Hot Tin Poodle? Poodle’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Hamlet? Yeah, something like that.

2. Apparently this is some kind of camel-type thing.

My my, what fun earrings you have!

4. Some kind of psychedelic snail/woodland scene.

You know, like in all the fairy tales.

5. This is a poodle that is now a panda.

“Congratulations, the operation was a success!”

6. Captain Jack Poodle

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a poodle’s life for me.

7. Wild poodles couldn’t drag me away…

Wild poodles, we’ll ride them someday…

8. Furst Down

Puppy Bowl 2k13 Poodle of the Year.

9. Behold, the shy rare breed of the Bisonoodle.

Yes, it’s a bison, not a buffalo.

10. Punky Pooster

Nailed it.

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