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    This Gyoza Pillow Will Not Solve All Of Your Problems, But It Will Probably Help

    Now THIS is my kind of throw pillow.

    If you haven't heard of Nitori, you should know that it's kind of like the IKEA of Japan — they sell affordable furniture and home goods and some really cute stuff.

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    Recently, it's come to our attention that they've started selling these little pillow cushions...

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    ...that are shaped exactly like a perfectly plump little gyoza.

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    Yep, thine eyes do not deceive: These dumpling pillows exist, and honestly, we kind of have to have one, stat.

    Our team at BuzzFeed Japan got our hands on one, and we can personally vouch that it **is** as delightfully squishy as it looks...

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    And the little dumpling pleats are just **chef's kiss** so on point.

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    Moreover, this dumpling pillow (dumpillow?) is perfectly sized for a little couch nap...

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    And it looks downright comforting to cuddle with:

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    You can use it as a seat cushion for your lower back...

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    Or give it to your pets to play with:

    I mean, just think of the pet photo ops!

    ('Cause is there anything more pure in this world than dogs and dumplings??)

    (Answer: Nope nope nope.)

    Anyway, back to the pillows: It turns out they come in a few different colors...

    ニトリの餃子クッション🥟🥟🥟 なぜか5個に!!

    More reasons to buy a whole set, imho.

    And if you don't live close enough to a Nitori to get your paws on one, it's also being sold online for about $9.


    Twitter: @HISASHIDUCK

    And honestly, the only downside we see to having one of these gyoza pillows is, well, getting hunger pangs every time we look at it.

    Tsunehiko Nishimaki / BuzzFeed

    Still worth it, full stop.

    This post was translated from Japanese.