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    A '90s Kid's Childhood Vs. The Childhood Of Kids Today

    Don't worry: this'll make you feel awesome, not old.

    We had this:

    Ya know, that contraption you play actual CDs on?

    And this:

    We needed our music on the go, no matter how cumbersome the whole process was.

    They have these:

    The youths nowadays are blessed with consolidation and impeccable sound quality.

    And this:

    We watched movies and taped stuff on this thing for a while:

    And they watch crisp, high-definition stuff on this:

    We wrote and passed notes to each other in class.

    And they just text and tweet each other.

    At least their way saves the trees.

    Some of us wore these:

    Slap bracelets, because beauty was pain, y'all.

    While they wear these:

    All rubber everything.

    We had this: / Via ABC Networks

    And this: / Via ABC Networks

    I know I'm not the only one who used to rush home for Boy Meets World and Family Matters on Fridays.

    They have this: / Via ABC Family

    Sorry, Girl Meets World. Close, but no cigar.

    And this: / Via Nickelodeon

    We had Kenan and Kel. / Via Nickelodeon

    "Who loves orange soda??? Kel loves orange soda!"

    They had Drake and Josh. / Via Nickelodeon

    But let's be real: Are You Afraid of the Dark? is still the scariest kids show of all time.

    This definitely should've been rated PG-13.

    We had Backstreet Boys.

    And the heavenliest of all boybands, 'N SYNC.

    They have One Direction.

    We witnessed the best of Disney Channel Original Movies. / Via Disney Channel

    There's no way you didn't like Brink! And what about Johnny Tsunami ?

    And they got High School Musical. / Via Disney Channel

    Can't even front; the High School Musical franchise was a huge success.

    And Camp Rock. / Via Disney Channel

    We had sleepovers. / Via Fox

    Girl talk, board games and making up choreography to Destiny's Child and Britney Spears songs was the most fun a girl could have in the 90s.

    And they have social networking.

    Virtual connections > actual face-to-face contact.

    We had Sega Genesis.

    They have PS4.

    We had Dunkaroos.

    That frosting may or may not have had crack in it.

    And they're just missing out on the best snack ever now. #sorrynotsorry