16 Things That Will Happen When You Use Tinder

To swipe left or to swipe right? That is the question.

1. You will become suspicious when after downloading the app, it tells you that it needs to access your Facebook account in order for you to actually use it.

2. You will second-guess your decision of even using Tinder in the first place.

okmagazine.com / Via MTV

3. But then you realize that you’re single and lonely, so you hype yourself up and get into the zone.

teamlocals.co.uk / Via Paramount Pictures

4. You come across a guy’s profile and see that his main pic is a group photo, which makes figuring out who he is impossible.

But there are a few cuties in the bunch, so you decide to scroll through the rest of his pics while also hoping he’s one of these cuties.

5. You soon discover that the guy is, in fact, the strangest looking one.

mommyish.com / Via TLC

Your morale is at an all-time low at this point.

6. You find yourself swiping to the left (i.e., rejecting someone) way more than to the right.

…but not really.

7. But on the rare occassions that you do swipe to the right, you get annoyed when it’s not an instant match.

8. When you do get a match, you wait anxiously to see if the other person will send you a message.

theprospect.net / Via CBS

9. When they don’t, you want to know why.

rebloggy.com / Via Paramount Pictures

What? Are they scared, shy, or just soooo cocky that they just know you’re gonna make the first virtual move?

10. When you think you actually have a connection with someone, they say something like this:

11. Naturally, there will be a bunch of guys whose photo gallery will be made up entirely of them with their cat(s).

And this will greatly decrease your hope of finding true love in your twenties.

12. On several/most occasions, you’ll be completely unaware that someone’s sent you a message because you didn’t get a notification.

So then you end up responding hours, or even a day, later. Oops.

13. As time goes on, you’ll discover just how shallow you really are.

realitytvgifs.tumblr.com / Via FX Networks

14. But you’ll be completely okay with this shallowness.

15. You’ll accidentally swipe left on a hottie because you’re so used to doing that for the majority of the profiles you see.

replygif.net / Via Warner Bros.

16. When these accidents happen, you’ll inevitably wonder if he was a keeper (i.e., a seemingly normal and attractive guy).

weheartit.com / Via ABC Family

But don’t fret. There are so many fish in the sea, so keep swiping!

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