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    15 Pictures Of Grilled Cheeses That Will Bring Out The Closet Foodie In You

    Who knew a grilled cheese could be this good?

    1. "The Old Goat"

    2. "The Slow Dance"

    3. "Mighty Rib Melt"

    4. "The Dilly Dally"

    5. "The Hangover Helper"

    6. "Team Cream"

    7. "The Old Lady"

    8. "The Meatwad"

    9. "The Beesting (Remix)"

    10. "The East Villager"

    11. "The Pizzawitch"

    12. "The Detox"

    13. "The (F)unemployment Special"

    14. "Fabrice Fabrice Caprese"

    15. "Olé, Y'aaaaaaaaaaaaal"

    You can find more awesome and unbelievably delicious grilled cheese recipes on the Grilled Cheese Social blog.