Jp Andreas
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    • Jp Andreas

      Dear Mr. Soos,  I agree, democracy, having opposition and all that, is just so “messy” and “difficult” for our “dear leader” Kim Obama.  Better yet, why don’t we just summarily execute those with whom we disagree or do away with elections entirely?
      Were you even listening to what the annointed one said on Tues night or did you miss part about bipartisanship and a fresh start”?  And after Dems having control of ALL branches of gov for first 2 years and a trillion or so dollars of deficit spending pushed (and passed!) by Obama & the Democrats now the Republicans are to blame for Obama’s crappy economy”!? Okie dokie. Looks like “Blame Bush” lives on in a new iteration. I wonder who will get the blame for Obama’s economy and failed policies in his second term? The tooth fairy? But keep talking. You only prove that all hypocrisy aside, democrats’ talk about “tolerance” & “working together” is just that: TALK!

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