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14 Times No One Told You High School Was Actually A Trap

"Wake me up when it's summer again."

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1. When the dress code was all kinds of ridiculous...


2. you fell into this trap by year end:

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3. When no one said joining extracurriculars meant starting school one month before everyone else.


4. When the seniors took full advantage of you.

I bought both an elevator and pool pass from a senior. Turns out my school had neither a pool nor an elevator #WorstFirstDay

5. When your sub said you were watching a movie in class, but then handed out a worksheet that you needed to fill out.


6. When the guidance counselor said, "You want to play a sport and be in band? Sure, that's possible! People do it all the time!"


7. When the world was like: "Be yourself!" But then everyone was like: "JK THAT'S NOT NORMAL"

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Haters gonna hate, but you are you!

8. When English wasn't really about reading.

9. And math was no longer math.

This is not wizard school. There are no magi here. / Via

This is not wizard school. There are no magi here.

10. When you get a zero on a quiz because you forgot to write your name on it even though you were the only one who didn't get a grade so it obviously belonged to you.


11. When your parents were like, "This is the freest and best time of your life. Why aren't you doing more?"

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12. When you realized that there were "friends," and there were friends.

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Forget a fake friend... Where your real friends at?

13. When getting a car was actually not so great.

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14. And when research proved young people were less productive in the mornings, but school still started at roughly 5 a.m.


When someone says, "I only smoke on Saturdays."

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Half of people who try cigs in college still smoke four years later. Party Smoking? Weekend Smoking? Night Smoking? #ItsATrap