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13 Reasons Today's Generation Is Winning At Life

This generation basically has life figured out. No, but really.

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1. This generation is on the cutting edge of slang.

2. They're independent.

3. They aren't caught up in appearances.

Comfort over everything.
Stupidfashion / Via

Comfort over everything.

4. And they have a very mature sense of humor.


5. Today's generation is very self-aware.

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6. They're asking the important questions facing humanity.

The movement even has a hashtag.

The movement even has a hashtag.

7. They've definitely learned that doublespeak is an unfortunate fact of life.


8. And Google searches for "Justin Bieber" are on the decline.*

*aside from those search spikes when he's arrested, which is totally understandable

9. This generation is very well behaved.

10. They smoke less than any prior generation.

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Real talk though: that's great.

11. And they are also less reckless.

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Less fighting in school, fewer driving accidents, and more safe sex.

12. This makes sense though, because this generation is tougher and smarter than ever before.

13. And let's not forget: they're going to run the world one day soon.


So you best believe in today's generation so one day they will believe in you — and, like, pay you money so you can feed your family.