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  • The TSA - What WERE They Thinking?

    CBS News reported on Wednesday that the Government Accountability Office has found that the nearly billion dollars of taxpayer revenue spent on hiring and training 3,000 “Behavior Detection Officers” (BDOs) has been ineffective and possibly a waste of money and resources. The report quotes the GAO as finding that “Available evidence does not support whether behavioral indicators can be used to identify persons who pose a risk to aviation security” and further noting that the efforts are “the same, or slightly better than chance.” In the report, two “undercover” BDOs are filmed walking around an airport, both heavily laden with backpacks, openly gawking at passengers walking by and sticking out like a sore thumb themselves. Backpacks? Read More At The Link…

  • The OTHER 5 Commandments (MEME)

    One of the funniest scenes in the Mel Brooks movie “History Of The World, Part 1” has Moses coming down from the mountain to give God’s FIFTEEN commandments to the people. After dropping one of the stone tablets they’d been written upon, “Moses” changes the number of laws to cover up his blunder. Thus, the world was given just 10 Commandments. The question is, what were the other five? Of course, we’ll never know, but we can take a guess. The example above is just one possibility. Can you think of others? Feel free to leave your own in the comments below. Use this template to get really jiggy with it. The best entries will be published here in subsequent posts. Have fun!

  • Mars Rat Turd Discovered By NASA? (PHOTO)

    Despite claims to the contrary by NASA and JPL it looks like the “rat lizard” of Mars may have left some evidence behind. A photo uploaded to the web by NASA this week, from an area not too far away, looks more like animal droppings than any “random collection of rocks eroded by time” as some NASA scientists have pointed out to a curious public when refuting that a lizard, or a rat, could have ever lived on Mars. This time, they may not be able to “pooh-pooh” the speculation that this photo could prove that animals one day roamed the Red Planet. The photo above is the highlighted picture, taken near some weird bluish rocks, in an area called Yellowknife Bay. Curiously, the page NASA published is missing the top edge of the image. It’s not until the full resolution photo is clicked on that the “offal” truth is revealed… Read more about the Mars Rat turd discovered by NASA by clicking here or by pasting this link into your browser bar:

  • Crazy Captchas

    Captcha? What’s a Captcha? And more importantly, what’s a CRAZY Captcha? Anybody who surfs the web knows what a Captcha is, even if they don’t recognize the name. According to Wikipedia, a Captcha is “a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being.” Surfers generally encounter Captchas when trying to sign up for a new email account, comment on a blog post or complete a financial transaction. The box which pops up ensures a human being is behind the action, because, as we all know, robots are dumb. Early Captchas could be very frustrating because they afforded only one chance to get the answer right. If they were hard to read (often the case) there wasn’t a chance to get it wrong and the entire process had to be repeated. A refinement to the procedure was a vast improvement. A “refresh” button was added and respondents could scroll through varying Captchas until one popped up which had a chance at being solved by even the dumbest humans and not even the smartest robots. That’s how Crazy Captchas was born. Most Captchas consist of two separate words. One is generally easily recognizable, the other is usually gibberish (but, thankfully, not always!) That’s when it can get wildly funny. A Crazy Captcha is found by hitting that refresh button repeatedly until an accidentally hilarious combination of intelligible words and gibberish appear together. Of course, the gibberish Captcha word means nothing, usually. But coupled with an authentic word, imagination takes over. And, hopefully, some chuckles. It takes a while, but the results can be well worth it. For more Crazy Captchas CLICK HERE

  • Loch Ness Monster Found - In Antarctica?

    Global mapping platforms like Google Earth, WikiSky and other contenders offer hours, even days of amusement. Some pretty freaky things have been found, including dead bodies, criminal activity, UFOs and even, ahem, couples enjoying intimate moments together. Anomaly hunters pore over published maps, looking for weird things and, naturally, some of the attention is drawn to myths out of the pre-digital world. Is there a bigger, unsolved mystery than the Loch Ness Monster? Mappers have studied Loch Ness inch by inch because finding “Nessie” would be the scoop of the century. But, maybe, they’re looking in the wrong place?

  • You Had ONE Job!!!

    Ever washed hands in a restroom with those old-timey faucets marked HOT and COLD? And they’re reversed? Happens all the time. How about those crazy, contradictory Parking (or rather NO PARKING) signs? It’s obvious there will be a ticket on the windshield if the trip to the DMV takes too long. These types of situations are all symptoms of a sickness in society running rampant: ineptitude. And, now there’s a craze sweeping the web showing instances of this institutionalized indifference or plain lack of intelligence. It’s going by the Twitter hashtag acronym #YHOJ - meaning You Had ONE Job!!! Read More…

  • Movie Anagrams - The 2013 Oscars (Video)

    With a week to go until the 2013 Oscars are awarded, the big question on everybody’s mind is, which movie will win Best Picture? Argo? Not enough letters. Amour? What’s with the one word movie titles this year? Lincoln? C’mon give us a title with some meat on the bones. Les Miserables? That one’s got my vote. Not because of the story, the acting, the cinematography or the music. It’s because, when made into an anagram, it comes out: ‘Me Sells Rabies’ Can’t miss! Oh, you thought I was talking about the Academy Awards? Sorry, this show is about the best AnagraMovies of the year. You know, that’s where you mix the letters up in a movie title so that the result is (hopefully) hilarious, and, better yet, sets the tone of the movie on a totally wild tangent. Who are the runners up for best AnagraMovies of 2012? Find out here:

  • BATEMAN! A Meme Is Born…

    BATEMAN! Mellissa McCarthy was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night talking about her new movie, “Identity Thief” co-starring Jason Bateman and she basically blamed every problem in her own life on BATEMAN! As the joke gained traction and picked up steam it evolved into a humorous diatribe blaming Jason Bateman for all the ills of the world as well. So, naturally, a Meme is born.

  • New Meme: Good / Bad Side FX

    You know those pills which cure depression but cause suicidal thoughts? Well, there’s a Meme in there somewhere. And here it is: Good/Bad Side FX. Grab the template and add your own entry!

  • Baby Gaga Sings Poker Face By Lady Gaga (Video)

    The home movie enters the digital backstage mother realm on YouTube with a viral clip uploaded on Thursday showing an adorable infant, coming to be known as “Baby Gaga”, lip-synching to the Lady Gaga song Poker Face… Click the link below to read more…

  • Rihanna Goes Shopping in a Bra

    Proving once again that Seinfeld is the bible for real life, Rihanna pulled a Sue Ellen Mischke and went shopping in Beverly Hills wearing nothing but a bra as a top. Click the link for video

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