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BATEMAN! A Meme Is Born...

BATEMAN! Mellissa McCarthy was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night talking about her new movie, "Identity Thief" co-starring Jason Bateman and she basically blamed every problem in her own life on BATEMAN! As the joke gained traction and picked up steam it evolved into a humorous diatribe blaming Jason Bateman for all the ills of the world as well. So, naturally, a Meme is born.

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Starring Righteously Indignant Baby, BATEMAN! blames JB for everything that can, and will, go wrong. Wait a minute... MURPHY! No, make that BATEMAN! Because, despite what everyone thinks, Murphy's Law is actually "Don't F**k With Mrs. Murphy... Click the link for the BATEMAN! Template and make your own and post it here!

Click this link to make your own BATEMAN! Meme entry...

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