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17 Things Pinoys Who Love To Cook Secretly Know Too Well

If you love to cook, you know that these things are so relatable!

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1. When people assume you know the difference between certain ingredients *just because you know how to cook*


Giiirlllll.... I'm not an encyclopedia.

2. People tell you "Pwede ka na mag asawa!" after finding out you CAN cook


"Pwede ka na mag asawa!" - You can get married now!

3. Or better yet: "Kelan ka mag aasawa?"


BRB. Looking for husband.

- "When are you getting married?"

4. When they think all your meals at home are gourmet


Even though you basically eat the same food as the one you find at your office carinderia (luncheon)

5. Is it menudo, mechado, afritada or caldereta?


I don't even know bruh.

6. People who know nothing about cooking argue about food with you

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7. They ask you to determine whether food is rotten already

Anna Mendoza / Buzzfeed / Via

Because apparently, you have a strong stomach and a good nose

8. What's your specialty?


9. Friends turn to you for recipes


They ask you recipes to dishes you've never even tried before.

10. Going to a restaurant and knowing you can create the dish better

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11. But when you do try a new recipe you love, you want to recreate it at home


12. People ask "Can I have your recipe?"



(Lucky you?)

13. You can *TOTALLY* sell this!

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14. And the worst... finding out your friend is now cooking the same dish AND selling it on Facebook

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15. You patiently wait until your friends take that first bite


Especially if it's a new recipe you're testing out

16. Even though you're not sure they really love your cooking or because it's free


17. But despite all these... you continue to cook for friends because you know it's what truly makes you happy.

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