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    15 Spike Moments From Buffy The Vampire Slayer You Can Use In Every Day Life

    Spike from Buffy was the best vampire there ever was. #teamspike

    1. Whenever someone messes up

    2. Whenever someone needs to just back up off you

    3. When that person keeps stealing your style

    4. When you just need a confidence boost

    5. When someone is getting in trouble for something you did

    6. When you are tired of apologizing for your "flaws"

    7. When you finally come out of your winter daze

    8. When you are fresh into a new relationship

    9. When that new relationship has started to suck

    10. When someone just needs to stop complaining

    11. When you are just so tired of explaining

    12. When you are reminding people just how bad ass you are

    13. When you have to make small talk with someone you'd rather not

    14. When you have to get real with yourself

    15. Literally useful all the time

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